Savannah Seeks to Reassess Downtown Parking


It is no secret that parking can be tricky in downtown Savannah. For a city planned and  built over 250 years ago, it is easy to understand how the modern load of cars that the streets handle today could be cumbersome. Over the city’s history, the problem of where to park your car has been addressed and readdressed; by building parking garages, tearing them down, and sometimes starting whole city blocks over again.

Now, it is time look at the problem again. The City of Savannah plans to take a better look at how it handles parking in the month of April. A new study by the name of “Parking Matters” aims to collect the opinions of those who park on the city’s streets to reevaluate things like “when parking should be enforced, how much parking should cost, and whether to create alternatives, such as park-and-ride systems to reduce the need for parking”. The study encompasses an online survey geared towards collecting opinions of the public. Savannah parkers are also invited to attend an open house with the city on April 14th to voice their opinions about the problems, the study, and the solutions.

The city is beginning to look at technological solutions to make things easier on Savannah tourists and residents when parking downtown. Some solutions suggested include the ability to search for open parking spots on your mobile device.

Thankfully for Savannah parkers, the city has already been open to one technological solution: the Quickit mobile app. Recently, the Quickit team visited city officials to talk about the possibility of using the Quickit app to allow residents and tourists of Savannah to use their smartphones to pay their parking tickets – quickly and easily. The app would use a barcode on the city’s parking tickets to scan and retrieve the parkers’ info. This allows the parker to pay their ticket without ever leaving the parking spot!

Ideally, this solution will offer residents and tourists an easy way to avoid further penalties, and will also allow the city to quickly receive payment without the added labor of having to locate the person having received the ticket and collect payment via check.

Seeing the concept work effectively in other cities around the United States, the Quickit app hopes to revolutionize cities’ parking systems: one parking ticket at a time.


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